Embark on a stylish journey with the Rove dog harness— a meticulously crafted leather combo with magnetic patches for a personalized look and inviting ice-breakers on your dog walks.

*Sizes S, M, L, and XL Available!

One-click Buckle

Secure, Yet Simple – Our easy-release buckle

Just click and you're all set! Designed for simplicity, our Easy-Release buckle makes gearing up quick and effortless. Fast, secure, and straightforward – it's all about getting you and your dog in/out the door faster and with less fuss.

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MAG-ic® Patches

Flip Your Message – Magic Magnetic Patch

Easily attachable and hold-tight to the harness with strong magnets, flip between 'Pet Me' and 'Don't Pet' to communicate with strangers. Not just for the harness, these patches double as charming fridge decorations. Explore our range of designs to express your style and your pup's personality.

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Shock-absorbing D-ring

Steady and Safe – with our No-Pull Spring

Say goodbye to sudden jolts with our harness's built-in shock-absorbing spring on the D-ring. Designed to soften the impact of your dog pulling, it ensures a smoother, safer walk. This innovative feature helps prevent falls, providing both you and your dog with a more enjoyable walking experience

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Rove Essence: A Fusion of Elegance and Comfort

Unveiling the Rove Bundle: What's Inside

Product Aspirations

"Rove's magnetic patch is a game-changer for me and my dog's social interactions."

"Every detail of the Rove bundle speaks quality – truly a luxury for my pet."

"Rove transformed our walks into a stylish, stress-free experience."

"I love the versatility of Rove's patch – it's like a mood ring for my dog!"

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Redefine your daily dog-walking with style and comfort